Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “German intensive course”?

“Intensive” means: We normally give 30 hours of lessons per week (apart from weeks with legal holidays). All skills are taught (reading, listening, speaking and writing but naturally also grammar, orthography and pronunciation). The courses follow each other subsequently, so that you can acquire the necessary German knowledge within a short time.

For whom are the intensive courses suitable?

For everybody, wanting to learn German in a relatively short time. For all who need solid German knowledge for formation, study and occupation.

Which skill levels do you teach?

The Kreuzberg Language Institute follows the skill levels of the “Common European Reference Framework for Languages” (“Gemeinsamen europäischen Referenzrahmens für Sprachen” or GER). We give intensive courses on the following levels:
A1; A2.1;A2.2;B1.1;B1.2;B2.1;B2.2; C1.1; C1.2 . Additionally we offer special preparation courses for the TestDaF. The current course offerings you an find here.

How can I register for a course?

Please fill in our registering form and send it back to us. Then you are going to receive feedback from us. Only with payment of the course fee the contract is concluded. The specification on our web site or on our flyer are planning data. We will notify you in time if a course is cancelled.

How long do the individual course levels take?

The individual course levels take 4 to 6 weeks, thus usually comprise approx. 120 to 180 lessons.

When must I have paid the course fees?

The course fees must have arrived in our account on the first course day at the latest. Cash payment is also possible as an exception (on the first course day).  Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards (with organizations we can arrange payment via invoice).

How many price categories do exist for the intensive courses?

Only two: a standard price and a special price for all participants who are younger than 27 years. You always pay for a complete week each time, i.e. legal holidays are being paid for too, lesson cancellation, which was caused by us, naturally not. Our current prices you can find here. Internal examinations and classification tests are free. The exam fees for telc or TestDaF are to be paid separately.

Can I also participate in a course for few days only?

Only as an exception. Normally the minimum participation duration in our intensive courses amounts to 4 weeks.

Can I also participate in trial lessons for one day, free of charge ?

Yes, but only after previous arrangement with the management of the language institute or with the instructor. (Sometimes certain days are not well suited in order to get a good impression of the instructions – e.g. if examinations happen to take place. Additionally: Under no circumstances lessons may be disturbed by trial-hearing!)

I registered, paid the course fees and nevertheless cannot participate in an intensive course.

In this case we refund the course fees, less a cancellation fee. Further details you can find in our terms of service.

Do you use text books in the course?

Yes. Note that the costs for the text books are not contained in the course fees. You can also aquire the text books for the course levels A1 to B1 in our Institut (to the current retail prices). The text books for the higher levels you must buy in the book trade. We gladly tell you the necessary specifications before beginning of the course.

I would like to attend a language course in your language institute. What do I have to do, in order to receive a visa for Germany from a non–European Union foreign country?

* Turn to the diplomatic agency of the Federal Republic of Germany in your homeland in time. There you receive detailed information about which documents you have to submit.
* After the course fees and (if necessary) accommodation charges were paid – for at least eight weeks participation in an intensive course – and you did register with our registration form the Kreuzberg-Bonn e.V. issues the “registration acknowledgement of the language school” most often required by the visa place.

I registered myself for a course and already paid the course and accommodation fees. What do I do if my visa request is rejected?

In this case we pay the fees back to you at 100%, after you faxed us the negative reply.

I already learned some German and do not know which course I should enter.

It’s best to fill out our questionnaire “my previous knowledge” and mail it to us. In particular specification about completed standardised checks (e.g. TestDaF; Goethe checks; it may help to send us a copy of your certificate). Or you could state the number of lessons you already completed or indicate up to which section/topic you came during processing a common DaF text book in another language course. If you are still uncertain Kreuzberg Language Institute offers a short classification test to you on the first course day (free of charge).

When does instruction take place?

Our intensive courses take place each day. Instruction is daily either in the morning (8.00 to 13.15 o’clock) or in the afternoon (13.15 to 18.15 o’clock).

Can I also change into a higher or lower course?

Yes. Since the prices for all courses in Kreuzberg Language Institute are alike, you can always change into another level that is currently running, if there is a vacant place.

How many participants do the courses have?

Our courses have (in almost all cases) at least 5 and at the most 15 participants.

How many teachers teach in a course?

The course levels usually have two teachers, who teach on different days of the week. If a teacher is absent, the lesson is given by a substitute.

Which exams are made at Kreuzberg Language Institute?

Each course level finishes with an internal test. Additionally Kreuzberg Language Institute executes the TestDaF and the telc-B2-test. More about this here.

Do I receive a certificate or a certification at the end of the visited courses?

* All, who regularly participated in at least one course and passed the final internal examinations, receive a certification after conclusion. Therein the number of taught and participated lessons, the highest course level you achieved and the overall grade of the internal tests you took is indicated.
* About the individual test results you always also receive a separate message (with grade and course level).
* If you didn’t pass the tests or didn’t participate in them, you receive a certificate of participation (like certification, but without a grade).

Can I live with you during the course and how much is that?

In our study house single- and two-bed rooms are available for the course participants. Please book early, since the rooms are in demand. Particularly in the months of July and August we are almost always booked solid because of our summer course.
For the accommodation fee please look here.

We are a group of at least 5 persons and would like to have our own course. Would that be possible with you?

Yes. Address us. With sufficient lead time we can organize such a course for you. Instruction contents (e.g. only conversation) and scope, time of the lessons (e.g. in the evening) and prices will be indiividually negotiated with you.

How can I see that you keep the standards you promise?

* Kreuzberg Language Institute is certified in accordance with the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. That means that the management system of our enterprise and the adherence to the associated standards is regularly checked by an external certifier.
* The Kreuzberg-Bonn registered association is officially recognised in accordance with the further education law of North-Rhine/Westphalia (WbG) and as such is regularly checked by the district government of Cologne.
* The Kreuzberg-Bonn registered association is a member of the professional association German as Foreign Language (FaDaF) registered association and committed itself to keep its quality criteria (see
* The Kreuzberg-Bonn registered association is certified as TestDaF test centre. The execution of the TestDaF is examined in intervals during visits of commissaries of the TestDaF institute in Bochum, without prior announcement.