German Langage Courses

German Language Courses: Our offers

Our Language Institute specializes in German as a Foreign Language and we have more than 35 years of experience in this field.

Despite Corona – our language courses continue to run in virtual seminar rooms.

Intensive Courses

Our German Intensive Courses have been regularly updated and improved since 1992. They are directed to all those who seek to acquire, within a short time, a thorough and proficient knowledge of the German Language for professional training, work and studies. All relevant language competences (reading and listening comprehension, written expression and speaking) are taught in our courses. We provide 30 lesson periods [45 Minutes= 1 lesson] a week. The different levels of our programme follow closely one after the other, so that you can attain, within a short period, your desired level, without loosing any time. To find the right level/course, we offer a free language consultation and a placement test, if required. Intensive Courses

Special Courses

For groups (i.e. schools classes, cultural travellers, exchange pupils etc.), who want to improve their knowledge of German, we offer special and individually tailored courses. So the teaching programme can be designed to your specifications, putting the main emphasis on topics like grammar, reading, conversation, regional studies etc.). Contact