Our TestDaF-Program

Our language institute has many years of experience in the field of preparation for the TestDaF. Since 2008 we are acknowledged as a TestDaF testing center.

The TestDaF

The next TestDaF (T 097) in our study house (Stationsweg 21, 53127 Bonn-Ippendorf) takes place on Tuesday, February 12th 2019. The period for registration begins on November 20th, 2018.
On the web page of the TestDaF institute (www.testdaf.de) you can find details for registration as well as, under “preparation”, valuable tips and official TestDaF test examples (“Modellsatz 2 and 3”), which you should thoroughly study, before registering for the test.

The TestDaF Preparation Class

From the 7th of January 2019 to the 08th of February 2019 our language institute offers a 5 week TestDaF preparations class, in which the testing format is trained intensively and under authentic conditions (immersion course: regularly 30 weekly hours; costs: € 134.00 per week, for students up to 25 years of age: € 121.00 per week; number of participants: 5–10 persons). For participation we recommend to have completed at least 800 lessons (at least to B2 GER – more would be better). For registration or for further questions you can reach us by email (sprachinstitut@kreuzberg-bonn.de) or by phone [0049 (0) 228 / 21 71 72].